Python 3.4 and 2.7 installation no Script folder and no pip installed

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I was doing a fresh installation for Python 2.7.9 and 3.4.3 on Win7 X64 today, and I found that there is no Script folder in Python27 and Python34 folder as first child level folder, but there is one in Tools. However, I couldn’t find pip within that Script folder, although pip should be installed with Python by default. The other I was doing the same installation for my other PC and laptop, there was Script folder (as first level child folder in Python27 and Python34) containing pip. So what is going on? how to install pip and maybe other useful scripts this way?

[EDIT] I tried python -m ensurepip in Python34. I got the following errors:

Ignoring indexes:
Collecting setuptools
 Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:UsersdaiyueAppDataLocalTemptmppvmc8dv1pip-6.0.8-py2.py3-none-", line 232, in main
  status =, args)
File "C:UsersdaiyueAppDataLocalTemptmppvmc8dv1pip-6.0.8-py2.py3-none-", line 339, in run
File "C:UsersdaiyueAppDataLocalTemptmppvmc8dv1pip-6.0.8-py2.py3-none-", line 333, in prepare_files
File "C:UsersdaiyueAppDataLocalTemptmppvmc8dv1pip-6.0.8-py2.py3-none-", line 326, in find_requirement
  file_locations, url_locations = self._sort_locations(locations)
File "C:UsersdaiyueAppDataLocalTemptmppvmc8dv1pip-6.0.8-py2.py3-none-", line 158, in _sort_locations
  sort_path(os.path.join(path, item))
File "C:UsersdaiyueAppDataLocalTemptmppvmc8dv1pip-6.0.8-py2.py3-none-", line 139, in sort_path
  if mimetypes.guess_type(url, strict=False)[0] == 'text/html':
File "", line 287, in guess_type
File "", line 348, in init
File "", line 255, in read_windows_registry
  with _winreg.OpenKey(hkcr, subkeyname) as subkey:
TypeError: OpenKey() argument 2 must be str without null characters or None,  not str

[EDIT] The problem is due to multiple null Registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE that make read_windows_registry() in searches failed. Here is the post that leads to the solution:

Python ‘pip’ and Windows registry corruption


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