Reduce multiple blank lines to single (Pythonically)

  python, python-3.x, regex

How can I reduce multiple blank lines in a text file to a single line at each occurrence?

I have read the entire file into a string, because I want to do some replacement across line endings.

with open(sourceFileName, 'rt') as sourceFile:
    sourceFileContents =

This doesn’t seem to work

while 'nnn' in sourceFileContents:
    sourceFileContents = sourceFileContents.replace('nnn', 'nn')

and nor does this

sourceFileContents = re.sub('nnn+', 'nn', sourceFileContents)

It’s easy enough to strip them all, but I want to reduce multiple blank lines to a single one, each time I encounter them.

I feel that I’m close, but just can’t get it to work.

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