Debugging existing Python script in Visual Studio

  git, pip, python-3.x, visual-studio, vunit

A Python script already exists and is run through a target in makefile. The makefile creates a virtualenv and downloads certain Python packages that are required and then executes the script. This all seems to work fine from command-line but I want to do this through the visual studio IDE.

Thus, my questions are :

  1. How to map existing virtualenv Python environment into my visual studio project? Is creating a new one the only way?
  2. The virtualenv that exists already has the special package downloaded into it. If I want to do this in my visual studio project, how would I go about doing it? This package is not downloaded through pip, it is cloned via Git in the makefile. At present Visual Studio is not able to identify this package.
  3. How do I pass command-line arguments to this Python script when I run it inside the Visual Studio?
  4. How do I assign the default or home directory from which all relative paths are measured, when this Python script is run in Visual Studio?

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