having weird problem with aiohttp and asyncio

i am trying to find my password,i know it is 5 digit only with numbers.as you can see i wrote a bit of code the only problem with it is that when i try it with a new username that i made now(‘31586266,the pass is 88332)
it is working but if i try for more the 100 tries for example i start with num = 80000 it doesnt work
and its react like its a wrong password when it reaches that number
do anyone know what can be the problrm?

import asyncio
from aiohttp import ClientSession

async def try_password1(retandpassword):
    for bes in asyncio.as_completed(retandpassword):
        d = await bes
        if '8-' not in d[0]:
            return d[2]

async def fetch1(urlpasswordusername):
    async with ClientSession() as s:
        await s.get(urlpasswordusername[0])
        res = await s.post(urlpasswordusername[0],
                           data={"username": urlpasswordusername[1], 'password': urlpasswordusername[2],
                                 'cookies': '0'})
        html = await res.text()
        return (html, urlpasswordusername[2], urlpasswordusername[1])

num = 88300
for b in range(100000):
    lst = []
    num = num + 9
        for i in range(9):
            d = i + num
            one_round = fetch1(('http://example?noredirect', '31586266', d))
        ans = asyncio.run(try_password1(lst))
        if ans:
        num = num - 9

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