How do I use Python 3 as a calculator? [closed]

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"If I leave my house at 6:52 am and run 1 mile at an easy pace (8:15 per mile), then 3 miles at tempo (7:12 per mile) and 1 mile at easy pace again, what time do I get home for breakfast?" How do I use Python 3 as a calculator?

The objective of this exercise is asking me to practice using Python 3 as a calculator to solve the word problem. I do know how to solve this math problem with a pen and paper; however, I am unsure of how to input this to come to the correct conclusion in the Python environment. In the context of what I have learned (intro course), it is calling for something basic. I am wondering if someone can teach me what their take is on solving this in Python. Thank you in advanced for your insights!

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