Using Python to listen for window property changes (FlashWindowEx) and opening it accordingly?

  flashwindowex, highlight, python-3.x, pywin32, windows-10

I’m working around with Python to make a simple UI automation script/macro that clicks on certain points on the screen.
The script for clicking is already working, however the code is executed by manually pressing a button and I wish to change that, so that the execution of my script begins by it listening to some external window event for full automation.

I have noticed that the window I want to use the macro on is being highlighted in orange in the taskbar exactly at the time when I want my macro to be executed, making it a perfect entryway.

I already found the related function for this "event", FlashWindowEx, in the win32gui documentation for PyWin.
However, this function only makes it possible to start/stop the orange highlight, not be notified if any window started/stopped being highlighted.

My question is if there is any possibility of accessing this highlight-property of a window with the help of a Python module or if there is any other changing attribute a window possesses that I could utilize for starting the execution of my script?

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