Format dask.diagnostics progress bar

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I am using dask.diagnostic ProgressBar in the following manner:

from dask.diagnostics import ProgressBar
import dask.dataframe as dd

    with ProgressBar():
            pileup_df = dd.read_csv(sorted_pileup, sep='t', header=None)
            lists_df = dd.read_csv(sorted_lists, sep='t', header=None)

And I get the default progress bar with "#" characters.
Coming from tqdm I know you can format your progress bar with one of the arguments provided.
On this script I am using tqdm and dask.diagnostics ProgressBar so I would like them to appear the same.

Right now for tqdm I am using this formatting:
"{l_bar}%s{bar}%s{r_bar}" % (Fore.GREEN, Fore.RESET)

I went through the docs but couldn’t figure out a way to change the progress bar’s looks.

Also, if there is a way to integrate tqdm with dask I would love to hear about it-I believe it would be a better solution for me.
I checked the docs and there is mentioned only an integration to pandas.
I tried to apply the same for dask but it failed.

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