Twisted , Channels is not installing – nor through pip neither through Manual Installation

I am building a Blog WebApp. Everything is working fine. BUT Twisted is not installing in cmd.

—————————————–The Problem—————————————-

My code

from channels.generic.websocket import AsyncJsonWebsocketConsumer

When i import this in an Error is raised in cmd while server was running.
The Error was :- ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'channels.generic'

Then i searched this Error on Google then, I saw an Answer of this Question and The Answer was to pip install channels. Then i install it, AND while installing it , An main/Big Error is raised This Error.

AND i now think this error is raising from Twisted, because channels and twisted are connected libraries

This Error is raising again and again, whenever i try to install channels and Twisted.

Before few hours ago i was trying to install Twisted through pip. BUT then error occurred and then i installed it manually from Here. I downloaded Twisted‑20.3.0‑cp38‑cp38‑win_amd64.whl. AND my python version is Python 3.8.2.

When i open python Idle and enter import twisted to make sure that is is installed or not, Then no error is occuring ( It means that Twisted is installed , Why django-channels is not installing ). BUT twisted is not running in my project folder.

The Problem

1). Django channels and twisted is not installing.

What i have Tried ?

1). I have downloaded the Twisted manually.

2). I have reinstalled Twisted.

Please Help me in this . I will really appreciate your Help. Thank You in Advance.

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