Write bit string stream to file

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So I have a stream of bits in python that looks like that:

bitStream = "001011000011011111000011100111000101001111100011001"

Now this stream is dynamic, meaning that it changes depending on the input received, now I want to write this to a file in python, I’m currently doing that:

f = open("file.txt", "rb+")
s = file.read() # stream

bitStream  = "001011000011011111000011100111000101001111100011001"
byteStream = int(bitStream,2).to_bytes(len(bitStream)//8, 'little')

f.close() #close handle

However that works but the thing is that the bit stream can be a non-8bits aligned string and in this case it writes to file n-1 bytes. Now normally I would align the file to be divisible by 8 but in this case I really cannot add bits otherwise, when I would give again this file to my program it will misinterpret the alignment bits as something other than expected.

Would you guys have any idea?

Thanks in advance

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