paramiko – issue with reading file data

  paramiko, python, sftp

Im trying to get data from an sftp server. files are zipped files, around ~50 mb.

When im saving the file locally using:

session.get(file_path, local_path)

It takes around ~5 minutes, which is pretty long for such a size of a file.

The main issue here, is if im trying to read the file data into memory using:

file_obj =
file_data =

It takes forever. waited for 20 minutes and it didnt even finish.

I did the same test with a ~1mb file size. reading into local file took about 5 seconds. reading the data into memory took about 55 seconds.

Am i doing anything wrong?
Why getting files with paramiko takes so long?
Dont know if it has anything to do with it, but files are zipped. once locally i unzip them, they are around ~10 times bigger. (which was around the same factor between those two reading options)

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