How can i use my python script as proxy for urls

  browser, default, python, registry, windows

i have a script that check the input link, if it’s equivalent to one i specified in the code, then it will use my code, else it open the link in chrome.

i want to make that script kind of as a default browser, as to gain speed compared to opening the browser, getting the link with an help of an extension and then send it to my script using POST.

i used procmon to check where the process in question query the registry key and it seem like it tried to check HKCUSoftwareClassesChromeHTMLshellopencommand so i added a some key there and in command, i edited the content of the key with my script path and arguments (– %1)(– only here for testing purposes)
unfortunately, once the program query this to send a link, windows prompt to choose a browser instead of my script, which isn’t what i want.
Any idea?

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