How can I make pyautogui tell me the coordinates of the locateOnScreen function

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So my goal for this right now is to be able to receive the coordinates from locateOnScreen function and use that to click something on the screen. I know how to use cordinates to click something on screen but I cant find the coordinates from the locateOnScreen function

This is what I have so far witch finds something on the screen and says if it can see it I just need to grab the cords of where it actually is

from pyautogui import *
import pyautogui
import time
import keyboard
import random

while True:
    if pyautogui.locateOnScreen('x1.png', confidence=0.9) != None:
        print("I can see it")
        print("I can not see the X")

This is "x1.png" if you need it

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