finding the position sys.argv() arguments

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Finding the position sys.argv() arguments

Hey there

I’m trying to add command line arguments to my python script using the sys.argv() function, I have got the basics down, but I’m really doing y head in trying to figure out how some of the things work. First of all, what I’m building is a password cracking / hashing tool. And secondly, my main current problem right now is looking for the position of arguments.

  -dict   / -d  |  Initiate a dictionary attack on an any kind of hash
  -hash   / -H  |  Hashes a password into an any kind of hash
  All hashtypes supported:
  MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA384, SHA256, SHA512
-hT = hashType

For example: python3 -d -hT md5

What I want to do is find the position of where, -hT or any other arguments are and I can get the position as a value. Currently the method I was trying… which by the way is so scuffed, it got to the point of where it was legit causing scoping issues.

if '-pH' in args:
        if '-ph' in args[2]:
            password_hi = args[3]
        elif '-ph' in args[4]:
            password_hi = args[5] 

Turns out, that isn’t a very efficient way of doing things. But anyway, if someone can explain how i get the argument position from a specific argument (string e.g. "-pH"), I would greately appreciate i. 🙂

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