I need help on where to begin building a songwriting application [closed]

  c++, javascript, mysql, php, python

I’m a middle of the road coder. I am familiar with html, css, php, mysql, and a moderate amount of javascript.

I am a songwriter and I want to build a minimalist application that can do a few helpful things.
The biggest features I want to implement is
I want to be able to type out words just as I am now, and have the words thats rhyme, match in color.
for example. Hat and Cat will match in color. What makes it tricky is that not all words that sound the same, are spelled the same. Like "Said", "Dead", "Bed". all rhyme but aren’t spelled the same. Another thing is that theres things called near rhymes, additive rhymes and subtractive rhymes. Like "Cat", "Batch", "Fade", "Nah".

I think I need to start with a database of all the words in the english language, group them somehow like a rhyming dictionary and then have the program constantly try to match words with other words in my text editor.
Should this be done in Python, C++? I’m open to suggestions. Thank you!

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