Get detected Object’s Coordinates , tensorflow serving

I have saved a model which trained to detect Card, and I start to serv my model on TensorFlow serving in order to use it as API, it is working like a charm without any problem, what I want is how can I get the coordinates of my detected object in order to crop it,
this is how I am uploading my model to tensorflow

 nohup tensorflow_model_server   --rest_api_port=9000   --model_name=saved_model   --model_base_path="/root/AI/last_model/model.savedmodel/" >server.log 2>&1 &

and this is the reurned data

    "predictions": [[0.988880396, 0.0111195799]

so, how can I get the coordinates of the detected object, or how can I crop the detected object’s image

I generated and exported the model using this system

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