java-cef vs JCEF vs CefSharp vs CefGlue vs Go2Cef vs CefPython 2021

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I’m trying to create a web browser using CEF. So far I have no experience with it and currently trying to find the best cross platform binding for it. As the title says I have different choices.

I did my research but could not found any recent comparison between these. Useful link that I found:

CefSharp vs CefGlue

But this thread is pretty old and a lot of things changed since then.

My main purpose is to find the cross platform binding for CEF. So far here are my foundings:



  • On Nuget
  • Supports .net mono / Cross platform? I found few people who found it very difficult to build it on Linux and MacOS


  • Dead community, very few commits recently



  • CefSharp provides both WPF and WinForms
  • On Nuget
  • Pretty active community, lot of commits


  • Not Cross platform



  • Cross Platform
  • Community is ok

I’ve also read about Chromely, it seems to support .Net Core which is cross platform. Does anyone have an experience with it and could tell me cons and pros of it? What is the difference between Chromely and Chromely-Cefsharp?

I’ve also came across with Cef2Go. What is advantages and disadvantages of using it? One advantage is that Go is a cross platform, But about about other cons and pros?

What is the difference between JCEF and java-cef? Why would anyone prefer one to another?

Also another option could be to use cross platform C++ (Like Qt) if anyone has any experience with it and could give me the cons and pros of it would be nice.

Final purpose of my project is to build cross platform web browser using cef. I don’t know which binding/language to choose and any help will be appreciated.

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  • On Chromely,
    Best way to understand Chromely is to relate it to Electron.NET – Electron.NET is based on Electron which uses NodeJs for hosting. Chromely uses native hosts – win32, gtk, cocoa. Electron.NET also requires a web framework – Asp.NET Core. Chromely does not.

    Chromely is based on CefGlue (cross-platform) while Chromely CefSharp is based on CefSharp (Windows only).

    For pros/cons, please see –