I want a smart door Raspberry Pi 4 and Python 3.x and google sheets project

I am new to coding but I want to learn how to code. I want to build the following project using Raspberry PI, Python and Google sheets. I don’t know if this project will be possible. If this is possible, I would like some advice where to start this project. I already have all the components from the scheme I attached on this post. I need advices on how to code this in order to get it to work. Please excuse my english and thank you in advance for your help.

I want to build a little project with Raspberry Pi and Python which will allow people to enter my house while I am not there. For example Cleaners, Dog walker, Boiler Installer, etc). I want to create a Google sheet where I want to make 2 tables. 1 Table to fill the instruction which the Raspberry pi/Python can read an execute the task I input in there and another one to be filled by the Raspberry pi/Python after it execute the task that I instructed. For example in my instruction table I want to make 2 column with date, 2 column with time (hour and minutes), 1 column which will contains Passwords, 1 column which contain Doors and 1 column with Names . I want that raspberry pi to be able to read my table where I can set a range of dates and time a password, a door (A,B)and a name. For example in first date column to input 01/02/2021 and in the second date column 02/02/2021 and the same for the time columns, the first time column to input 08:30 and in the second one 18:30 and on the password column to insert a password like this “AHGC1231412176BFJ", in the door column to insert “A" or "B" and the raspberry pi to be able to read those dates and times and allow access 1 time to that password to enter my hose between this ranges of time and dates. I want to install a barcode scanner to my door and a touchscreen display which is connected to the raspberry pi which is connected to a 12v relay for each door which controls my electric doors lockers. So after I fill up my table in google sheet I will generate a QR code with the password that I entered on my table and I will send that QR code to the person which I want to allow to enter my home. I want tit to print on my door display as default “Touch to start” and after the person who wants to enter my home press the display, I want to appear next instruction on the screen “Scan your barcode” and after the scan is complete I want it to print on the screen "Enter your name” and if the barcode and name matches with those which i filled up on google sheet, I want to print on display “Access granted successfully". If those does not matches I want to print “ Access failed”. If it fail 3 times I want to print on the screen a virtual keyboard to enter the details manually. If it fails 3 time in row when typed manually I want to print on the screen “Please contact 07xxxxxxxxx for access”. If the access was successfully, I want that the raspberry pi to fill automatically the google sheet on the second table date and time when the access was granted, the password, the name and door used for access and delete automatically that row from my Instruction table.



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