Extracting parts of a string based on substrings in a dataframe – python

  dataframe, pandas, partition, python, strip

I am trying to extract some NBA data, but my dataframe has a column where all of the statistics are in one string separated by spaces in a Stats column as shown: eg. 29pt 15rb 3as 1bl …etc. I want to extract the values of each statistic so that I have a column for points, rebounds, assist, blocks, etc. The issue I am running into is some rows might not contain every statistic. For example, if a player did not get any assists, their value in the Stats column could look like this: 14pt 3rb 2bl. I am having trouble extracting the values I need for each statistic, especially if the statistic doesn’t exist for that player. I have tried to split the string so that its values are placed into a list, and this was promising, but I still cannot figure out how to get the values for each statistic if that statistic even exists for that player. Any recommendations, ideas, or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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