Shuffling along a given axis in PyTorch

  dataloader, python, pytorch, torch

I have the a dataset that gets loaded in with the following dimension [batch_size, seq_len, n_features] (e.g. torch.Size([16, 600, 130])).

I want to be able to shuffle this data along the sequence length axis=1 without altering the batch ordering or the feature vector ordering in PyTorch.

Further explanation: For exemplification let’s say my batch size is 3, sequence length is 3 and number of features is 2.

tensor([[[1,1],[2,2],[3,3]],[[4,4],[5,5],[6,6]],[[7,7],[8,8],[9,9]]]) I want to be able to randomly shuffle the following way:


Are there any PyTorch functions that will do that automatically for me, or does anyone know what would be a good way to implement this?

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