Python: Writing/Adding records to a database in Heroku

  flask, heroku, python, sql

I have deployed a web scraper app that produces information in a pandas dataframe that exports to CSV when the program is run locally. Obviously once the app is deployed this will not work due to the file system

To go around this, I connected a ClearDB MySQL database. My simple question is, to have my program write/add records to the database instead of writing to CSV do I need any special considerations/code since it is deployed on Heroku? Or will I write the same code as if I was just running the program on my computer (no Heroku) and writing to a database?

I am not too familiar with SQL but if the latter is the case then I could just follow an SQL tutorial for Python in general, commit that code to my Heroku app and it would automatically update the database?

Any tips are highly appreciated, I mainly need to be pointed just in the right direction.

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