Running robot framework tests within subdirectories using bash script

  bash, python-3.x, robot, robotframework

I am trying to run robot framework tests within subdirectories using bash script.

In my bash script I have following:


robot -d be/output be/be_tests  ## no dirs/subdirs under be_tests 
robot -d fe/output fe/fe_tests  ##  robot scripts within dirs/subdirs under fe_tests

echo Done Running All Tests

What I am seeing is:
When I run above bash script with just be_tests, I do see echo statement also getting executed. But when I run this script with fe_tests, echo statement is not getting executed all and script exits after running last robot command without any failure. I need to run bunch of statements after robot command with fe_tests, but I am unable to pass through that although I do see all robot tests under fe_tests getting executed.

Appreciate your help in advance.

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