How to Stagger along Y axis Seaborn Facetgrid Polar Plot?

  facet-grid, python, seaborn

I am creating a polar plot using seaborn facetgrid.

Right now, there are some data points which have the same theta and radius value. This means they overlap and not all are displayed.

How can I stagger the data points so they do not overlap?

They must retain their radius (x) value and the theta value can move +/- 6.5 degrees or +/- 0.101 rad.

I tried doing so with the following manual function….which does not work.

df_plot['eval_y_stag'] = np.where((df_plot['eval_y'] == df_plot['eval_y'].shift(1)) & ((abs(df_plot['dim_x'] - df_plot['dim_x'].shift(1))>20), randint(-10, 10)/100) + df_plot['eval_y'],df_plot['eval_y'])

The code checks if the two radius values in adjacent rows are within a certain value, if so, it adds a random number of radians to the theta Y value.

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