Sorting date objects in python lists incorrect order

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So I have my python script which lists a report about each ec2 instance. I have a function which sorts the networkattatchtime of an instance but everytime i use stftime to format the output of the date , it seems to mess up the sorting and lists instances in a random order and not by the most oldest CreationDateTime. The output i get is as follows :

i-09dc54328002240ff,Aug 05 2021,asg-workxxx
i-048e92c5a4741d2b1,Mar 09 2017,False
i-0d649cebdf54bd2f4,Mar 12 2020,asg-dyyyyy
i-0ff596f1dc01b61d8,Mar 17 2021,asg-base-test
i-06db4eb158ad0b071,May 12 2021,False
i-0f285277529543462,May 18 2018,False
i-0f67cf99fb9f96c3f,Oct 14 2020,asg-elk-test
i-01734dfef0159c5c8,Oct 20 2020,asg-lb-test
i-0539c8dfc839cbfda,Oct 26 2020,asg-stand-base-test 

You can see the CreationDateTime are not in a sorted order.

My code is as follows :

       response = ec2_client.describe_instances(
    # return json data from describe instances and filter what is needed
    instances = (len(response['Reservations']))
    header_row = 'InstanceID, CreationDateTime, AutoScalingGroupName' + 'n'

    for x in range(instances):

        # Get InstanceId
        instance_id = (response['Reservations'][x]
        # Get NetworkInterfacws AttatchTime
        network_interface_id = (
        network_interface_details = ec2_client.describe_network_interfaces(
        networkinterface_id_attachedtime = network_interface_details[
        formatted_date_networkinterface_id= networkinterface_id_attachedtime.strftime("%b %d %Y")
        time_between_insertion =
            timezone.utc) - networkinterface_id_attachedtime

        # Get Autoscaling GroupName
        tags = (response['Reservations'][x]['Instances'][0]['Tags'])
        autoscaling_group_name = get_tag(tags, 'aws:autoscaling:groupName')

        # print results
        if time_between_insertion.days > max_age:
            line = '{},{},{}'.format(
                instance_id, formatted_date_networkinterface_id, autoscaling_group_name)

    sorted_list= sorted(instances_list, key=lambda v: v.split(',')[1])

    for instance in sorted_list:
        print(instance) ```

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