How to fetch specific request which happened when I open an URL in a webbrowser?

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When I open an URL with opened devtools(F12 Chrome) in network tab I can see the request I’m looing for so I know its headers (parameters and values) and its response.
I can’t send successful request directly from code cuz it contains key I don’t know how it’s generated.(yet)

So how can I do this?:

  1. Open URL in a webbrowser (I have a link)
  2. Fetch specific request (by known parameters and its values of request’s headers)
  3. Get a value from this request’s Response (formatted json)

I’m just learning so maybe I can do it all w/o actually opening browser. I googled things like ‘webbrowser’ (I’m planning to use), ‘urllib2/3’, ‘scrapy’, ‘requests-html’, ‘selenium’, ‘chromedriver’ but you know…it’s hard to recognize its functions and what is most suitable for my task.

OS: windows10;
python version: last available

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