How to install python on empty alpine container

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I need to install python on running container, based empty alpine image.
That is my run command:

docker run -it alpine:3.14 sh

And then I get a shell, like this:

/ # 

Then, i want to install python

/ # apt-get update -y
/ # apt-get install -y python

But I get this error:

sh: apt-get: not found

I try to install bash by those commands but it doesn’t work

/ # apk update
v3.14.2-40-gf566f645a9 []
v3.14.2-42-gf168ad374f []
OK: 14938 distinct packages available
/ # apk upgrade
OK: 6 MiB in 14 packages
/ # apk add bash
(1/4) Installing ncurses-terminfo-base (6.2_p20210612-r0)
(2/4) Installing ncurses-libs (6.2_p20210612-r0)
(3/4) Installing readline (8.1.0-r0)
(4/4) Installing bash (5.1.4-r0)
Executing busybox-1.33.1-r3.trigger
OK: 8 MiB in 18 packages
/ # bash
bash-5.1# apt-get update -y
bash: apt-get: command not found

My question is: is it possible to install python on shell?

P.S: I must do it in the container and must use in empty alpine image


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