Tensorflow: cudart64_110.dll not found

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When I’m trying to run my Tensorflow code inside my conda environment myEnv001, I got the error message dlerror: cudart64_110.dll not found. I’m aware that my error is similar to a previous post, which says I didn’t install CUDA.

I have CUDA 10.1 installed, but anyway I tried to re-install CUDA 10.1 for myEnv001. I ran below at my terminal, and CUDA 10.1 is installed successfully in myEnv001

> conda activate myEnv001
(myEnv001) > conda install -c anaconda cudatoolkit=10.1

But when I tried to run my Tensorflow code I still have the same error message… How can I fix it?

My library

  • conda: 4.10.1
  • Tensorflow installed in myEnv001: 2.6.0
  • cudatoolkit installed in myEnv001: 10.1.243

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