Best way to turn flowcharts into online forms

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I like to turn complex regulation (legal text) into user friendly online forms.

We are building a web application to make it easier to work with complex regulation. Our team consists of coders and non-coders. I am looking for a way to leverage our team’s capacity to turn complex regulation into flowcharts, and in turn into online forms.
Currently we take a two-step approach:

Step 1: From regulation to flowchart

For instance: An excerpt of the example regulation states:

Where relevant, maintenance of vegetation along road transport infrastructure ensures invasive species do not spread. 
Mitigation measures have been implemented to avoid wildlife collisions.

That is turned into a flow chart (currently showing LucidCharts):

enter image description here

Step 2: From flowchart to online form.

We can turn these flowcharts into an online form such as TypeForm to get the following:

Or as image:
enter image description here

We need to do this for >250 regulations so some sort of automation is needed, especially for step 2. We can do step 1 manually.

I was wondering if there is an online editor for step 1 that can then export in a format that for instance the TypeForm Create API can work with. We are comfortable using JavaScript or Python for step 2. To benefit as much as possible from the team’s capacity, step 1 must remain as easy to work with as possible, so an online editor is preferred over writing text.

It would be better if the result from step 1 would be a machine-readable format (.json, .xml, other) that step 2 can then digest.

Who knows of a solution for step 1 and step 2 to accomplish the objective? Basically we are looking for the inverse of code2flow and need flow->code

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