Can I use abstract base classes as a mixin in Sqlalchemy?

  abc, mixins, python, sqlalchemy

I have a need to add listeners to models who inherit from a mixin, and I want the mixin to have abstract methods that the overriding classes must implement to follow the mixin spec, like so:

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from app import db
from sqlalchemy.orm import declarative_mixin

class FooMixin(ABC):
   def must_implement(self):
      raise NotImplementedError

class A(db.Model, FooMixin):
      id = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True)

@sqlalchemy.event.listens_for(Foo, "update", propagate=True)
def foo_update_listener(mapper, connection, object):

This way I would create a dependency on all db models that inherit the FooMixin to also have the must_implement() method, allowing me to be sure that it’s available in the listener code.

Or is there a better way of ensuring this? I guess the FooMixin isn’t really a Mixin any longer, if it requires inheriting classes to actually implement methods from it..

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