Encoding Python interpreter for non printable characters [closed]

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What is the encoding here

[b"ROMEO:nThe glory of comfort, that which I durst not,nI painted his action again.nCome, cousin, forward to London,nTo I occuped to such a man of fable.nBut, by my grave, look for life; forgot my sweet news,nBy any in the while; by brief when traitor, they they themselves,nHe water in heaven with these confirm'd.nCounsel me, or newly endow'd thou wilt confidencenAnd craffing person was the King of Ithild,nOne would have ta'en you have been seath: as the prince hung purposenWould Laure a banish'd boyal; or!nnGREMIO:nTarke tham, I say! O Paris sense, in an oddsnWast from her: o''r the way them, and wot withinnyour sorrows. Strike now, boy! O hungmy-yea,nTo use my will, but nature let him go who goesnUpon the gods; but they have done theenAs this spake, to bewedding on't.nnMENENIUS:nWere not young fall'n.nnFRIAR PETER:nWell, belike your lordship.nnJOHN OF GAUGT:nGod-look! would thou holl'd Peter? thyself,nFright from the ripe aside the gaol will bear ancounterfeit like the deputation that do than"
 b"ROMEO:nGentle unfell as this being waltion fond,nLaid to Claudio as the flower-light traitorsnWhich hissom him as please himself no near.nnBONAND:nPlit hath been blown.nnVOLUMNIA:nHe shall not bide you shall.nnVIRGILIA:nAy, allow. What cut? who's be posterlity;nFor then we were all crafts doth quickly.nnWARWICK:nMy friends as for a thousand fellows-short rich,nThough the viciour man are still currion: but, I bear.nnPOLIXENES:nIf it be no more, my son:nLet me be talkingly of justice, let's alone.nnGLOUCESTER:nHer nuts, they have done this with thy life.nnANGELO:nWhat is the meaner free?nnThick HaStings, Baptista:nWrong is that rise but even so? But how but forcednA merry appellant, at once refuse this blowd,nAnd with such lips and butt instruct her high seanCannot from my understanding with friends thereof:nBear with haste, to let him be no kindred too:nI never shall unto Venknight shame for hisnThat seems a suns.nnMERCUTIO:nCome, courand thee for thy poor bed, and theynwear the sword of heav"
], shape=(5,), dtype=string)

(generated by a well educated rnn) and how do i turn into human readable?

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