How to iterate through several api calls and several dictionnary keys in the same time?

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Here is my problem :
I need to call this API >

My goal is to get in a dataframe the daily forecast weather on the next 7 seven days for a list of specific cities (based on their GPS coordonnates). I need to interate through 35 cities but here is a sample with 2 cities and a static way to get the keys a need.

A example of call for one city and containing the info for the next 7 days :,current,minutely&appid=be02e7c76c38ec4e28e37a166d60abb7

So I have done that for the moment :

import requests

url = ""
lat = ["48.6355232", "47.3215806"]
lon = ["-1.5102571", "5.0414701"]
output_results = []
for lat,lon in zip(lat, lon):
    r = requests.get(url, params={"lat":lat, "lon":lon, "exclude":"hourly,current,minutely", "appid":"be02e7c76c38ec4e28e37a166d60abb7"})

print(output_results[0]["lat"]) #latitude
print(output_results[0]["lon"]) #longitude
print(output_results[0]["daily"][0]["dt"]) #date
print(output_results[0]["daily"][0]["temp"]["day"]) #temperature
print(output_results[0]["daily"][0]["wind_speed"]) #wind speed
print(output_results[0]["daily"][0]["clouds"]) # clouds density

How could I iterate through the coordonnates list AND the keys I need ?

I would like to structure my final dataframe this way :
df structure

Thanks for your help !

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