Tkinter Grid "Sticky" Doesn’t Work With Grid Propagate

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Simplified version of an issue I’m having. The following code produces this output:

from tkinter import *

# init root
root = Tk()

# get window size
windowWidth = root.winfo_screenwidth()
windowHeight = root.winfo_screenheight()

# create green frame
greenFrame = Frame(root,width=windowWidth, height=windowHeight/2, borderwidth = 0, highlightthickness = 0, bg='green')
greenFrame.grid_propagate(0) # fixed size
greenFrame.grid(row=0, column = 0)

# create blue canvas inside green frame
blueCanvas = Canvas(greenFrame, width=windowWidth/5, height=windowHeight/2, borderwidth = 0, highlightthickness = 0, bg='blue')
blueCanvas.grid(row=0, column = 0, sticky = 'e') # display it on the right side

# run loop

Output of Above Code

The blue canvas is set in the green frame. My question is, why does the blue canvas not appear on the right side of the green frame, when it is set with sticky = ‘e’ in the grid call?

Thanks in advance!

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