Pandas DataFrame Change Values Based on Values in Different Rows

  pandas, python

I have a DataFrame of store sales for 1115 stores with dates over about 2.5 years. The StateHoliday column is a categorical variable indicating the type of holiday it is. See the piece of the df below. As can be seen, b is the code for Easter. There are other codes for other holidays.

Piece of DF

My objective is to analyze sales before and during a holiday. The way I seek to do this is to change the value of the StateHoliday column to something unique for the few days before a particular holiday. For example, b is the code for Easter, so I could change the value to b- indicating that the day is shortly before Easter. The only way I can think to do this is to go through and manually change these values for certain dates. There aren’t THAT many holidays, so it wouldn’t be that hard to do. But still very annoying!

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