Interfacing Loadcell and HX711 with Raspberry pi 3 by using python 3

  python-3.x, raspberry-pi3

I am Currently working on a IOT Project in which I am trying to Interface my Raspberry pi 3 to Hx711 so that I a can read weight readings from my Loadcell having a range of 200kg.

For python code I tried this github repository:

According to description of this repository first I calibrated Hx711 ( by using 5kg known weight giving me offset and scale. After which I copied them and used in file.

But I keep getting variable readings from loadcell as shown in following screenshot from raspberry pi window.
Python Program Output

I am getting this output by putting 5kg load, I tried this loop of calibration and checking the output many many times but my output is still variable , I tried searching it’s solution but it’s not available anywhere.

Please guide me… Thanks In Advance for much appreciated help…

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