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I’m really new to python, just playing around.
I have script that gets

——- received message ——- {"e":"24hrMiniTicker","E":1634212481158,"s":"ADAUSDT","c":"2.19200000","o":"2.12100000","h":"2.20000000","l":"2.10000000","v":"119875239.00000000","q":"259043876.72690000"}

from Binance stream. I’m able to print out this line in terminal and add it to an array, but I want to run this script in the background and have another script fill a pandas dataframe with that data.

1st Script:

import websocket
import numpy as np
import config
import pandas as pd
from binance.client import Client
from binance.enums import *
message_store = np.array
SYMBOL = "adausdt"
SOCKET = "wss://" + SYMBOL + "@miniTicker"
client = Client(config.API_KEY, config.API_SECRET, tld='us')
def on_open(ws):
    print('opened connection')

def on_close(ws):
    print('closed connection')

def on_message(ws, message):
    print('------- received message -------')
    #x = len(message_store)

ws = websocket.WebSocketApp(SOCKET, on_open=on_open, on_close=on_close, on_message=on_message)  

2nd Script:

from getprice import message_store
import pandas as pd

dataframe = pd.DataFrame(data=message_store) 

ValueError: DataFrame constructor not properly called!

Any ideas how to do this the correct way?

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