Weird errors installing django-heroku for python

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Although I’m not sure it is important, I will prefix by saying that I started working on a Heroku app on my old computer and am continuing on my new one.

After a lot of struggling I finally managed to get the app to build on Heroku, although it didn’t run. Perhaps the reason was because Heroku doesn’t host static files so I set up an Azure account to do that and made some changes to and created a file. After running "git push heroku main" it failed to build because it said that django-heroku was not found.

Running "pip install django-heroku" resulted in a many errors. Then "pip freeze" shows that "django-heroku 0.0.0" is installed. Running "pip install –upgrade django-heroku" resulted in the same errors. It is so long I can’t post it here so here’s a link to a google doc:

I can’t make sense of it.

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