Trying to receive response from but cant receive it on windows

  python-3.x, scapy, windows

Hi I am trying to receive a response from the ip by sending it a dns request packet. I am using Scapy to create the dns request packet. I run the same code on Ubuntu and windows virtual machine and am able to receive the response but cant receive a response on my host machine. I am running wireshark as well and its the same. It doesn’t show any replies from The code is as follows:

from scapy.all import IP,DNS,DNSQR,UDP,send,sniff,show_interfaces, sr1,ICMP,Raw, sr

dns_req = IP(dst="")/UDP(dport=53)/DNS(rd=1, qd=DNSQR(qname="", qtype="ALL"))

answer = sr(dns_req)


Any suggestions are appreciated!

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