Unable to receive SSDP response packets when SSDP discovery packet is sent – Scapy

  python-3.x, scapy, ssdp

I am using Scapy to create an SSDP protocol discovery packet for all devices (ssdp:all) however suddenly I am not getting any response from the devices when I did get them before. I am using a Ubuntu VM. This is the code I am using to create the packet.

ssdpPacket = IP(dst="")/UDP(sport=6700,dport=1900)/Raw(load='M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1rnHOST:"ssdp:discover"rnMX: 2rnrn')

In wireshark, I see that it does send the packet but no response. I am kind of frustrated because it worked before and now its just not working. Help!!

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