why is ‘import pyttsx3 as RVB’ throwing a SyntaxError?

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I was trying to create a text-to-speech code like EVERYBODY ELSE but for some reason when I type in this code.

#pip3 install pyttsx3 
import pyttsx3 as RVB
text_speech = pyttsx3.init()
answer = input(hello)

it says this in the terminal

[Running] python -u "/var/folders/7_/5j5858n91nzbx2yqlpq_w07m0000gn/T/tempCodeRunnerFile.python"
  File "/var/folders/7_/5j5858n91nzbx2yqlpq_w07m0000gn/T/tempCodeRunnerFile.python", line 2
    import pyttsx3 as RVB
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

[Done] exited with code=1 in 0.087 seconds

I have tried and tried with this code and it has yet to run, so can someone please help.

also, I have already installed pyttsx3—— using this command in the terminal

pip3 install pyttsx3

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