Google cloud storage API: unable to open file

I am using this piece of code to look at the response status:

for i, status in enumerate(result.statuses):
        print('Status of processing line {} of the csv: {}'.format(
            i, status))
        # Check the status of reference image
        # `0` is the code for OK in google.rpc.Code.
        if status.code == 0:
            reference_image = result.reference_images[i]
            print('Status code not OK: {}'.format(status.message))

And, I get this error message:

Processing operation name: projects/furniture-vs/locations/us-west1/operations/63a6b48c2c4ef9c0
Processing done.
Status of processing line 0 of the csv: code: 5
message: "Error opening file: gs://furniture-vsearch/dtbo160x90x75w5m1-hero-618173ee-high.jpeg."

But we can see that the file is present in the location:

enter image description here

Can someone please help me figure out what could be wrong?

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