CodeAcademy: Why do I get a syntax error on "else"

  python, syntax-error

In CodeAcademy, learning functions, my solution was exactly the same as the solution you’re supposed to use yet it kept giving me an error pointing to an "e" on else.
My Code:

def distance_from_zero(num):
  if type(num) == int or type(num) == float:
    return abs(num)
    return "Nope"

The Console:

 File "python", line 4
SyntaxError: invalid syntax.

I’ve tried checking what the solution was (by CodeAcademy’s "view solution" feature) but there was absolutely nothing different about it. I also tried refreshing the page thinking it would do something. My goal isn’t to just get past because I can easily get past by "replace solution" because it automatically thinks it’s correct allowing me to get by. My goal is to see why I got the syntax error.

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