Play multiple mp3 files on multiple output devices on Raspberry Pi 4

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I need to get 4 – 8 simultaneously playing stereo audio music channels playing continuously mp3 music from specific folders on SD card.


  • onboard 3,5 audio jack
  • usb soundcard playing the music properly


But as soon I’m trying to use the third audio output with an usb soundcard on the raspberry pi than the other soundcard stops working.

It is only possible to get more than 2 outputs working ☹

2 sound output are using around 6 % cpu power. And this is the only purpose for these raspberries.
So of course it would be nice and more efficient to get more output from one raspberry.

I tried vlc and mplayer and could address the different usb soundcards without any problems. But its only playing music from one soundcard, no matter what I’m trying.


  • Raspberry Pi 4 b 2 GB
  • Tried 6 different USB soundcards with an 3,5 audio jack output

Other project:

I found this project that did the same with WAV files. But in my case I can’t convert all the files to WAV as it needs to stay mp3 files.

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