Printing the Float Numbers in Python for Cordinate System

I am trying to write a method that generates and returns n random points in a 2-dimensional space given the width and height in Python I coded an algorithm but I want to recieve float points in the system.
Here my code is:

import random    

npoints = int(input("Type the npoints:"))
width = int(input("Enter the Width you want:"))
height = int (input("Enter the Height you want:"))

allpoints = [(a,b) for a in range(width) for b in range(height)]
sample = random.sample(allpoints, npoints)


Output is:

Type the npoints:4
Enter the Width you want:10
Enter the Height you want:8
[(8, 7), (3, 3), (7, 7), (9, 0)]

How can I print them as float. For example: (8.75 , 6.31)

Thanks a lot for the help.

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