Seaborn FacetGrid maximize size

  matplotlib, python, seaborn

I hope nobody asked the question already, but I couldn’t find anything online despite it seems like a straightforward problem.

Using Seaborns FacetGrid, I created a plot that looks appealing when I maximize the plot window but cluttered when keeping the default window size. That’s why I would like to scale the plot to a larger size (similar to what happens when clicking on the maximize button on the plot window) when saving the figure programmatically.
I haven’t found anything in the documentation to change the width and height of the FacetGrid in the way I‘d like to.
The only parameters I found that affect the shown figure where „size“ and „aspect“, but I can’t set them in a way to look like what I get when maximizing the window manually…

I feel like this is a stupid question that should be easy to solve but so far I couldn’t come up with anything.

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