How to print git command output to streamlit table

  git-worktree, python-3.x, streamlit

I’m using python streamlit library, and I need to know how to print the below git command output:
git worktree list into streamlit table object. For example:

F:/demo/a   123abc   [dev/arielma/a]
F:/demo/b   453fbd   [dev/arielma/b]
F:/demo/c   123abc   [dev/arielma/a]
F:/demo/d   3234dv   (detached HEAD)
F:/demo/e   3cxvd1   [dev/arielma/e] prunable

I would like to take only the valid ones (a to c) and print them to streamlit table object. For example

where worktree name is F:/demo/a and its check out branch is [dev/arielma/a]

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