Pandas – find row by column value (id) and update its values

  pandas, python

I’m looking for an efficient way to update one ow in Pandas Dataframe (like in DB).

There is an id column with unique values (ids)

contacts = 

   id  ... phone          email
0  33  ... +4219999999    WORK:[email protected]
1  45  ... +4215444444    HOME:[email protected]
2  20  ... +4213333333    WORK:[email protected]
3  11  ... +4215553454    WORK:[email protected] 

I want to update row with id == 45 by a dict {'phone'='+4511111111','email':'[email protected]'}

Basically, I want to replace it with data from a given dictionary.

This way I can get the row:

contact = contacts.query(f'internal_id == "45"')

How to modify the dataframe so all the values of the row change?

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