Concatenate columns based on certain group

  pandas, python-3.x

I have dataframe df1 ike this:

    Database/Schema Name          entity Name            temp
0           schema1               ITEM_DESC1             Item_Nbr INT(1,2) NOT NULL
1           schema1               ITEM_DESC1             Old_Nbr INT(3,2) NOT NULL
2           schema1               ITEM_DESC1             Order_Dept_Nbr SMALLINT(6,2) NULL
3           schema1               ITEM_DESC1             Acct_Dept_Nbr SMALLINT(9,2) NULL
4           schema2               ITEM_DESC2             Primary_Desc CHAR(20,2) NULL
5           schema2               ITEM_DESC2             Secondary_Desc CHAR(20,4) NULL
6           schema2               ITEM_DESC2             Color_Desc CHAR(6,5) NULL
7           schema2               ITEM_DESC2             Size_Desc CHAR(6,3) NULL

In this dataframe I have two different schemas and tables(ITEM_DESC1 and ITEM_DESC2). I want to build create table statement out of this.

So, from the above dataframe I need a new dataframe which will have 2 rows (since 2 different tables in df1 ) and the value would be


0   create table schema1.ITEM_DESC1 (Item_Nbr INT(1,2) NOT NULL,Old_Nbr INT(3,2) NOT NULL,Order_Dept_Nbr SMALLINT(6,2) NULL,Acct_Dept_Nbr SMALLINT(9,2) NULL)

1   create table schema2.ITEM_DESC2 (Primary_Desc CHAR(20,2) NULL,Secondary_Desc CHAR(20,4) NULL,Color_Desc CHAR(6,5) NULL,Size_Desc CHAR(6,3) NULL)

How can I achieve this with out using loop?

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