Not getting expected output when calculating eigenvectors

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I was trying out numpy.linalg.eig and the output wasn’t as predicted

Ax = λx where

  • A is a matrix
  • λ is eigenvalue
  • x is eigenvector

Here’s the code

import numpy as np
from numpy import linalg

A = np.array([[2,3],[-1,3]])
eigenvalues,eigenvectors = linalg.eig(A)

leftside = A[0]*eigenvectors[:,0]
rightside = eigenvalues[0]*eigenvectors[:,0]

I expected the leftside to be equal to the right side but the outputs are different?

[1.73205081+0.j         0.4330127 +1.43614066j]
[ 2.16506351+1.43614066j -0.4330127 +1.43614066j]

Why does this occur?
How do I make the equation work? ( as in the left side will be equal to the right side )

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