Category : pgadmin

I need to pull an entry from a postgres database and post it to twitter. I’ve come up with the following (still very basic): cur.execute("SELECT (tweet) from message ORDER BY time ASC LIMIT 1") Tweet = cur.fetchall() auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler("BLABLABLA", "3kJBy5YzT2PoemdpBLABLABLABLAgrzGMVpPP6Eemlf") auth.set_access_token("144493026BLABLABLABLABLACfMiBz57GuzPo", "fnCKbBLABLABLABLABLAeN2FnuTaR") api = tweepy.API(auth) api.update_status(Tweet) It works, but what ends up on twitter ..

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